eCash users asking for native integration on Trust Wallet

Hello koush
good evening E-cash army team.

I really support if e cash is on the trust wallet network, and this will be the best innovation, because trust wallet supports all blockchain networks,


Hello Koush
Technically it will be easy to integrate #xec on trustwallet because #bitcoin and #bch is already there.

Thank you


Hello there,

I share the sentiment of many eCash holders who have been requesting the addition of eCash (XEC) to Trust Wallet. As someone who uses Trust Wallet to store my crypto assets, I also understand the importance of having eCash supported natively on the wallet.

While there is already a wrapped XEC token available on Trust Wallet, the recent occurrence of fake airdrops of XEC tokens is a cause for concern. This could result in people losing their hard-earned money to bad actors in the crypto space.

Therefore, having native eCash (XEC) supported on Trust Wallet would eliminate the possibility of such scams and provide a secure and convenient option for regular users like myself to store multiple investments in one wallet.

I am eagerly looking forward to the addition of eCash (XEC) to Trust Wallet and hope that it happens soon. Thank you for considering our request.

Best regards.


I love eCash because I want to change my life with eCash . please list eCash on trust wallet I want to buy eCash on trust wallet


Hello Kousha, i am a trust wallet user for a long time
It is future and there is not such a currency. There is a great chance of being rich
I believe in in eCash
Thank you.
#eCash #XEC


As a user of Trust Wallet, I am facing difficulties as XEC is not supported on the platform. It’s inconvenient for me to switch to another wallet just for XEC. It would be more convenient for me to have all my coins in one place. I appreciate XEC for its low fees and fast transaction finalization.

Additionally, I want to warn other users about the existence of fake XEC tokens that scammers are distributing through airdrops. It’s crucial to be vigilant and only obtain tokens from reputable sources to avoid falling victim to scams.


As a trust wallet user too. I am glad if you add eCash or XEC in your wallet. Im sure it will benefit us in a long run!


It seems that many users are requesting Trust Wallet to integrate eCash (XEC) into their platform. They believe that eCash is a great cryptocurrency with a solid history, technical achievements, and a professional roadmap. Some users also mentioned that it would be easy to integrate XEC since Trust Wallet already supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. They also pointed out that having XEC on Trust Wallet would help distinguish it from fake airdrops.

One user even mentioned that eCash is the best blockchain project out there with a combination of Bitcoin’s initial vision and Avalanche protocol, which allows for 5 million transactions per second. Another user stated that XEC is secure with no possibility of a 51% attack.

It’s worth noting that eKoush, a member of the eCash community, mentioned in a comment that they have already been in contact with Trust Wallet for integration and did all the necessary groundwork. They also have a team of developers ready to help with the integration.

Overall, it seems that many users would be delighted if Trust Wallet integrated XEC into their platform


Please me with btc this is my address. bc1qhlpudz9h8zjl2wv63nra7lc2hddzz4tlk8rf0j

Please if you help me god always solve all your problem in Jesus name amen


It’s a new month, a new quarter.
Maybe a new decision? :grin:

I’d like to sort out my wallets for a while, I really count on TrustWallet.


Hey TW, maybe it’s time you reconsider the integration of XEC on TW. How about before 15 th May?:thinking:


How are ypu doibg? Im still waiting for your responds about my money in this trust walket . It fiesnt matter hiw much i maje the depisit, it diesnt nater where the tojen c ok ming from. As ling as it reach the walket soon or after they alk disapoarered i font knos hos coukd it hapoened like that ? Ive alreasy repirted these incidents to the suppirtirs team several tines but wht no ine do any things about it?
CN yoh okease ket me know if there any chance thst i can get all my money back? Hos ling do i have to wait?
When i started invested my money into this marjet with hooefully that its will maj we mt kife better but now my life is nit only nit getting any bettef but it givibg me more troubkes and im more struggke in life. .
Would any one pkease helped??,

Funny that, I Was just thinking the same thing. Really hope that this happens in the future



I’m looking forward to see Xec on thrust!
Because I’m Xec we trust :wink:

Being able to transfer e-cash around here will be awesome :sunglasses: