Elrond Integration: $30,000 eGold Airdrop (Airdrop Closed)

The Trust Wallet team is happy to announce we have integrated Elrond’s Protocol and its native token eGold, making Trust Wallet one of the first decentralized wallets to support eGold.

To celebrate, Elrond have given us $30,000 of eGold tokens to Airdrop to the Trust Wallet community.

Elrond is a new blockchain architecture, designed from scratch to bring a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed. To achieve this, Elrond introduces two key innovations: a novel Adaptive State Sharding mechanism, and a Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, enabling linear scalability with a fast, efficient, and secure consensus mechanism.

Elrond can process upwards of 15,000 transactions per second (TPS), with 6-second latency, and negligible cost, attempting to become the backbone of a permissionless, borderless, globally accessible internet economy.

In order to start holding eGold tokens, install the latest versions of the app, iOS version (5.1) and Android version (1.19.2), then add EGLD to your wallets.

$30,000 eGold Airdrop

$27000 x $1

Click here to see the wallet with the $27,000 of eGold

$3000 RANDOM raffle

  • 5 prizes x $200
  • 10 prizes x $100
  • 20 prizes x $50


  1. You must have Trust Wallet installed. Get it here: https://share.trustwallet.com/elrond-integration

  2. Add eGold to your Trust Wallet.

  3. Important: Login to Amplify using your eGold erd1… address from Trust Wallet.

  4. Follow these accounts: @elrondnetwork @TrustWalletApp @beniaminmincu @vikmeup

  5. Tweet according to the instructions in Amplify


  • Earn 0.135 eGold for one Tweet with at least 3 retweets & 8 likes

  • Eligible Twitter accounts must have +20 followers, are be than 30 days

  • All entries will be added to the random raffle with up to $200 in eGold as a top prize


  • This campaign is unique per person - offending Twitter accounts will be banned from this & future campaigns

  • By entering you will automatically be eligible for an additional prize of up to $200, via a raffle!

  • IMPORTANT: A screenshot of your Trust Wallet app with the eGold erd1… address used in the Amplify challenge will be required to claim the raffle prizes. Elrond will reach out to the raffle winners for confirmation.

This is now closed. Raffle winners will be announced within 48hrs.