ERC20 token symbol edit is possible?

Good morning friends, I have a question yesterday I added my custom token ERC20 but by mistake I put the symbol in lowercase letters and was in uppercase there is some way I can edit and capitalize it in symbol was (ADC ) and put (adc) :sudor frío:

You have to reimport your wallet.

Then add the custom token again.

Moderator zachzwei
How do I reimport my wallet? And excuse my ignorance, thank you very much for being aware of my question

I gave the link to the guide above.

thank you very much moderator zachzwei

And I performed the procedure but it keeps showing me the symbol in lowercase letters is strange because in ETHERSCAN is in capital letters and I add the token via QR directly from etherscan. @zachzwei

We actually have a guide to do this.
Manually type in the name in all caps.

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