Error in transfer

Hello there,
I have a wallet of 170k usdt (ERC20) but I can not transfer or send to any wallet. It keeps giving me insufficient ETH balance error.
And this is the wallet address: 0x4DE23f3f0Fb3318287378AdbdE030cf61714b2f3

Thank you and looking forward to solution for this.


Hello @Sheikhbeeno

This wallet is not yours. You likely got this somewhere else where its private key or seed phrase is leaked.

Why? This wallet has been a topic in the past already.

With that said, please refrain from trying to use this wallet since bots actively monitor this.

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Thank you very much @Alan47 cos it was used to scam me or used to make me think that’s my lost funds just to scam me. Thanks a lot. And I’ll refrain from it.

The recovery company is called Token Recovery Centre
Email is tokenrecoverycentre
Phone number is +1 (763) 200-5876 and his name is David.
He scammed me 2.56 ETH. I’ll never forgive him and that company.

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