ETC transfers are not displayed on the balance

Good afternoon . Since yesterday evening, transfers of coins etc have been received in the wallet but are not displayed on the balance sheet. For a week, transactions should be 4.12 etc. And in the wallet he sees only 3.01. How so why my funds are not displayed correctly. I attach the screenshots. All transactions on them = the whole amount of 4.12 etc for them.
The correct balance is displayed on

I have same problem, went back to mining Eth cos of this.

Same here since the fork ! Wallet say 4 etc receive but balances still a 2 ??

Coinomi wallet works fine

Same Here hope it just because of the fork and will unstick itself.

trust wallet support seem to be defect … any admin could a least reply or give us answer !pretty lame !

Sorry… The dev are working on it…

But you can try updating your app to latest version

I want assure you that your money is 100% safe… Sorry for the inconvenience

My iOS trust wallet is 5.8 (586) that the lates I can get !

I dont see my Etc balance. Was thinking about mining on trust wallet Etc but I see transaction and no coins.

Hi @dima-1337 @Karke @Fbrad @Maxxcannon

The ETC node is currently syncing and the devs are working on it. Rest assured that your ETC is still in your wallet, which you can check here: Ethereum Classic ETC Explorer


The nodes are now synced. Please check the balance in the app now @dima-1337 @Karke @Fbrad @Maxxcannon. That should work fine.

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Yeah! Thank you so much :pray:

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Ok . Thank you so much ))

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Yeah :ok_hand:t2: All fine thanks

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