ETH no received

Sent Etherium from Binance using bep20 network

to trustwallet then I realized it was pegged and decided to send it back to Binance the resend again to trustwallet using Etherium Network…while sending it back to Binance I copied the address that I had received from and sent to it but didn’t receive on Binance

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@MartialSmith Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).

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Wallet address: 0xD51948B7b90129711C79ac205d52194E6ec99aE7

Transaction hash: 0xbdfb122c09f12f534896b6889458effa1a47c445ee49242afd4236bbdeb9f3e0

This is the address I sent to : 0x8894E0a0c962CB723c1976a4421c95949bE2D4E3

@MartialSmith your ETH sent successfully to the destination address. If they didn’t reflect please, contact the customer support of Binance so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

Hi There I received the ETH but it came like Binance-Peg Ethereum. so I can not dex it to normal ETH could you please help me?

Hello @kahndorum you have to use this guide to convert your Binance peg ETH to native: Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets

Otherwise, you have to research yourself on bridges that allows crosschain swap to native ETH.

thank you very much And I can not change my USDT TRC20 to any kind of Token or coin When I try to change it It askes me etherium how can I do it?

@kahndorum you can’t swap TRC20 tokens in the app, it is not supported. You have to send them to the exchange and swap to your desired token/coin.

You’ll need some TRX about 10-20 to cover your TRC20 transaction fees. Tron network uses Tron for gas fees.