Eth send to trust wallet using optimism network

I got the same problem. May I know if there is any solution for this issue?

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@1SAT Can you kindly explain what the issue is?

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Hi Tobi,

Thank you for asking.

Indeed I need help and this is the situation. I need to connect my Trust wallet to DEX (using And therefore, I need to have Eth in my wallet. Because withdrawing to Eth is costly, I tried several network, ie. Optimism Ethereum, and the last Ethereum BNB Smart Chain. And finally, both sending appeared in my trust wallet, however, not under ETH.

But, so please help. If I need to transfer to ETH in my Trust wallet, what network I must choose? I am confused now. Please advise, and thanks.

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@1SAT That website you have tagged there is clearly a scam, you should never interact with such websites as they’ll steal your funds.

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Are you sure about that? Oh, so thank you you reminded me.

Well, I have already tried to connect the my wallet several times, but because the ETH is zero, then it was not proceeded. What should I do then to overcome this spam?

Just for your info, I buying a presale of $LPX token, and from the X account of that company, I was asked to chat for the ways to claim the token. And, they said I must connect my wallet to DEX with the above address.

Please advise for securing my Trust wallet… Thank you!

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@1SAT Yes 100% the website is a scam.
Securing your wallet means putting in place good security measures.
I’ll attach some guides below, please read through to better educate yourself also.

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Hi Tobi,

I have been waiting for ethereum for 4 hours, what is the realistic transfer time? I sent it from binance using the optimism system. please help me, I see there are more of us like this. thanks

@kriptoben16 Did you check your address on the explorer ?
What does it say?

Yes, address is good. What is the problem?..………………………………………………………………………

@kriptoben16 Then check if you have received your tokens !

Unfortunately, not yet. binance also says that the operation is completed and the address is still good.

@kriptoben16 Please provide the transaction hash and your receiving address.

TxID: 0xefd0b093e28dbdb9c160067b4cd8edb23808d1f50ab6250f0087161dd84c1e46
Address: 0xb518620f4A6cf4F556f7eBd28C7cdca5B02bc2D3

@kriptoben16 Your ETH is in your wallet, all you have to do is add it as a custom token.

Hello I sent eth using optimism network to my account and I didn’t receive it!

Transaction Hash: 0x9f9f9d01f0b6030a8a8bb4f897a64c7a3331fa5fd70109ad5f055191f6316dc5

My address is 0x235284b40CC4723714Aeb128Cc04b754D05F7004

My account is empty but etherscan says successful!

I can’t attach screenshot here!

Tobi! How can I add it as a custom token? I have the pretty same issue I successfully sent the eth using optimism network and based on etherscan it is successful but it is not in my wallet

My transaction id: 0x235284b40CC4723714Aeb128Cc04b754D05F7004

@szelepsapka Your tokens were sent out already.
Do you recognize the transaction ?

Hello I sent eth using optimism network to my account and I didn’t receive it!

Transaction Hash: 0x041de1ad7e26e0296da1a2aedd40010751b1e26f1f290948a6da12009418c362

My address is 0x31fd73825d860f94004783385cab4d136288a525

@rkajihara You need to add it manually.
Tap on the upper right corner, search ETH and enable the one with the optimism tag

Hi Tobi. I’m having the same issue. I sent ETH from Coinbase using the Optimism Network Fee and the funds have not appeared in my trust wallet. I have the ETH token added as well.

Transaction Hash -0x59150a0b125b2fdc399c2852c0f26aa99145921f446a7e135ff1a9ef78c9a28f

My Address-0xD4AEd391a2357a0Cd18e9ccb1b660A87e5b358CD