Ethereum not received

Hi I have bought some ethereum through my bank card and I have had an email saying its been approved but ethereum has not gone into my wallet still and this was hours ago

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Help, same problem here, bought eth with mercuryo from trust wallet and got email that eth sent but not in my wallet. Cant find any solution.


My friend send Ethereum of $10 to me since yesterday up till now I have not yet to received it in my wallet

This happened to me 12+ hours ago, still waiting. Mercuryo first told me network is very busy & wait for 240 - 360 minutes, I was happy to do that. I check with them again now and I get same response. I replied saying I was told this before and then the next response is they having technical difficulties.

I do not understand why companies do not give out correct information. :confounded:

I sent my eth to outside wallet 48 hours ago but blockchain dot com shows that it has not even sent out, but eth is gone from my trust wallet, wth is my eth? Please help me!

Hi i sent from another wallet ETH and i dident recived it can you please help me ?

I sent etc to exodus wallet from trusy wallet 12 hours ago… Etc has left my wallet but nothing on exodus… Where is my etc?? Can someone please help??? There is no transaction history either…

what happen i sent eth to trust wallet until now bal is zero and i make exchange bnb to eth until now zero balance pls help me…

I had the same issue with Mercuryo, these guys are scammers please delist them from the app. I have spent two weeks trying to get my money back… they said the payment failed, yet they actually took the money (confirmed by the bank), and after two weeks there has been NO refund from Mercuryo.

We should not only be delisting them but building a community case against them to take legal action…


I have a similar problem I bougth ETH in TW via Mercuryo, I have been waiting for the withdraw to my wallet on TW but is still “pending” I contacted the support and they said there was a problem and i have to wait because they don’t know when is going to be resolved. What a bad experience with this guys.

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