FAILED! BNB to Smart Chain swap

Me too!!! I have just tried to gain Smart Chain and it deducted the fee but put it back in BNB wallet!! Help please


I had the same… But I did pay the network fee… I did this twice now.
I click on my BNB, select More, Swap to Smart chain. I have to manually substract the network fee for some stupid reason xD But okay, I do that, i swap. and bam. 0 money, 0 coins. everything is gone for several hours. Then after a few hours I have my BNB back, without the network fee.
So I paid 2 network fees for nothing :confused: i want a money back, did you get the fees back?


Same here! It would be helpful to know if the transaction is pending but all I see is the deducted fees and the BNB still sitting in my Trust Wallet. Not enough smart chain to transact. :frowning_face:

I’ve had the same problem yesterday today. I’ve tried to swap bnb to the smart chain but the swap fails and my bnb is returned but the swap fee was defucted each time. This is causing a real problem! Please help!

Actually, the BNB is not in the Trust Wallet. It’s just missing! Never swapped to Smart Chain!

This happened to me too, and no response from support. Then I see on Reddit that trust wallet claims no responsibility for missing funds. Our funds are missing because of fees they took but did not perform the service. They should be returning our fees!

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The same thing happened to me. They eventually just put the bnb back in my wallet, but kept the fees. It took about an hour to an hour and a half, I believe.

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The same thing happened to me tice today. Tried to convert and got a successful message. BNB and Smart chain disappeared for a couple of hours then I got the BNB back minus the transaction fee. Can you address this please?

You may check your transaction in “bscscan” ,just copy the address of your smart Chain then go to internal transaction. Hope this help

Try to check you internal transaction of your BSC, you may check it in bscscan web

I was able to find my two transactions, and it says the swaps were successful but the bnb was put back in my wallet and not converted to Smart Chain. Who do I contact, do you know?


I have transferred my BNB to Smart Chain $104 on 21st April 2021 at 1705pm but still not available in smart chain till now 22nd April 14:48pm and doesn’t show any record/transaction in my BNB but balance has deducted.

One more thing happened Yesterday transfered my BNB balance from Trust Wallet to Coinspot, still not available in Coinspot eventhough transaction has been successfully done.

Is there any way to get my BUSD out without BSC to gas the transaction? I have plenty of BNB to convert to BSC but its not converting and just takes the fees like the others experienced here.

I have the same issue. I tried swapping BNB to Smart Chain but when I tried to do a 100% swap, I received an “insufficient funds” error message. I had to do a 75% swap, being taxed with the fee, then another transfer, being taxed with another fee. Basically, I paid 2x fees because of an TrustWallet error. The main issue is that even after this, the swaps are not showing in my wallet as Smart Chain. It’s almost 1h since I’ve done this, I wanted to do another BNB to Smart Chain transfer but so far my money seems to be “lost” and I’ve also paid 2x swap fees. Can someone help me, please?

I tried 3 times, I’ve got my bnb back minus fee, so I lost my fee 3 times. What can I do to get my fee back?

Same with me, took a few hours, went back to BNB but I still lost my transaction fee. This is utter BS and I’ve contacted support, hopefully they do something.

This app is seriously becoming a joke. I attempted the swap twice from bnb to bsc and it took the fees and nobody has done anything about it. Now I use pancake swap to buy zil with bsc and its sitting in my pancake swap and not showing in my trust wallet. Being from Canada I’ve lost alot of money using trust wallet

Trust wallet will email you and ask your transaction details and addresses. As of now I’m waitibg for their response. But as for transaction fees, they will deduct it to your wallet even if the transaction is successful but was not reflected and redunded back to your bnb address. I think you need to email them to clarify that also.

Hi everyone, please read the response here regarding the Binance Chain <> Smart Chain cross-chain swaps: Swap from BNB to BNB smartchain, but value is missing - #203 by iamdeadlyz

I’ll lock this thread so you can see the answer immediately.