Failure to receive ftm currency to trust wallet

Please help me
I have not received fantom(ftm) coin and it has not been added to my trust wallet balance
But following the site, my account in the blockchain space has a balance of 829.29 fantom(ftm) currency worth $ 352.45 at 0xdb8b031e0FddFCCab37371c0343A9009E184D7e1
I will send you the link to the address that shows that my account has fantom(ftm) currency in the blockchain.
Address 0xdb8b031e0FddFCCab37371c0343A9009E184D7e1 | FtmScan


Please be informed that the Trust Wallet app does not support the native FTM.

To retrieve it, please get your recovery phrase (here’s a guide: How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet), then, import it to their official wallet (choose mnemonic phrase): Fantom fWallet

Can you explain in more detail?
I did not understand your explanation at first

Can you explain in more detail?
I did not understand your explanation at first

سلام من fantom خرید کردم ولی به کیف پولم وارد نشده راهنمایی کنید چکار کنم

سلام تونستی ارز رو پیدا کنی ؟ fantom

من خرید کردم وارد نشده است
اگه ممکنه به من کمک کن

سلام منم نتونستم هنوز این قضیه رو حل کنم
اگه راهی پیدا شد بهتون خبر میدم حتما

Hey ,
There are two types of Fantom are available . One is Erc20 standard and other one has its own blockchain . Trust wallet only support Erc20 fantom while you sent native fantom in your erc20 fantom address . Your native fantom tokens can only be shown on fantom official wallet since trust wallet do not support the native coin . I already share the guide above for you .

The sender believes that he sent me the currency of fantom erc 20 and I also sent him the wallet of fantom erc 20
That means both are erc 20
But the trust wallet does not show me the fantom erc 20 currency

Hey @pouya2132,
The sender certainly wrong here. You can check your address on There are no record of any transaction in your address. However You can see your balance and transaction details on which Is an explorer of Native Fantom coin not erc-20 Fantom.

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@pouya2132, please refrain from hijacking threads and focus in this thread about your FTM issue.

I’m focusing on the ftm issue
Do you have a way to solve my problem ?
Please help me

Kindly read and understand @Shariful1000’s response earlier. That should explain things.

@pouya2132 @Sirous6104
تو والت Fantom fWallet
یا هر والتی که فانتوم رو ساپورت می کنه ۱۲ کلمه والت تراست رو وارد کنین می تونین فانتومتون رو ببینین



I took my recovery phrase from Trust Wallet and transferred it to fantom f wallet to mnemonic section
But the inventory of fantom fwallet is zero
But my inventory at is 829.29 fantom Currencies
Do you know what the problem is?

وقتت بخیر
من 12 کلمه رو از تراست ولت گرفتم
در fantom f wallet
وارد کردم ولی باز موجودیم اونجا هم نشون نمیده

ولی در فانتوم اکسپلرر 829.29 تا ارز فانتوم دارم

To double-check, please open the Trust Wallet app > select the Fantom token (ERC20) > then press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot of the QR code, and attach it here

The fantom currency went up inside the fantom f wallet
Now I want to send it, there are 3 modes for an exchange

  1. fantom opera
    3.Binance Chain
    Which one should I use so that I do not get in trouble?
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First, check with the exchange first as to what kind of FTM do they accept.

If they say mainnet, use Fantom Opera. If ERC20, select Ethereum. If BEP2, select Binance Chain`.