Find trc20 adderss for btt

Hi, I want to transfer btt. The address trc20 is not in the wallet .trc10 is its address. How do I get the trc20 address for btt?

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it will be the same as your TRX address, but you may have to add custom token with the contract address to see them in the wallet

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Thanks. How do I do this? Please help

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Hello. You did not notice what I said. There is a trc10 address for BitTorrent. I bought BitTorrent with the trc20 address and I want to transfer it to the wallet. Please tell me how to add a BitTorrent address based on trc20 to the wallet? !!

Please help me how to do this؟

Hi @Ehsan4 note TRC10 & TRC20 they run on Tron blockchain, they both use the same adress in your wallet. Of which is TRX…

Search for your BitTorrent and TRX adress you will see they both share the adress.

Hi .Hi, I searched and got to wbbt. Is this btt?

this the one you looking for

Hi .this is trc10.

plz pm me on kik just_dedication
Wallet just needs to be imported under correct network.
Send me your discord if you have it

Ive just transferred BTT(TRC20) to my trust wallet which was BTT(TRC10)
and ive got it with no problem
so dont worry about it