Funds aint showing

So I’ve got a new phone and installed trust wallet. I entered my 12 words and my ethereum money ain’t showing. It’s basically $0. I thought if you have your 12 words then basically your wallet will log in and everything will be the same. Can someone explain where it’s gone?

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Can you please share you wallet public address?

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I ended up making a new wallet. But I’m scared if I log out of this one my funds won’t show like previous wallet? Can I add my old wallet to the one I’m using now?

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How to Import a Wallet

This will help you adding your old wallet on the new phone.

I’ve imported it before and it logged in but the funds weren’t showing? I did multi coin wallet so it should’ve shown right?


Hi @Donnamarsters,

Please follow this guide (except for step 6): My Crypto is Missing, What Should I Do?

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