My Crypto is Missing, What Should I Do?


Before we go any further we need to understand first how Trust Wallet works and always make sure you have the latest app installed on your device.

Trust Wallet is basically just a bridge to multiple blockchains. Technically, there is no funds stored on your wallet. The app holds the keys that allow you to connect to the network, check your balance and make transactions.

Steps in Finding the Missing Funds:

Follow the steps closely as this would be helpful in fixing your problem.

Step 1. Confirm Balance of an Address

It is a must to check if the addresses on your wallet actually hold some crypto. The best way to confirm your balance is to browse their respective blockchain explorers. If you have a record of a transaction or better yet, the addresses of your crypto holdings, this will useful in tracking your assets.

One example is with Ethereum (ETH), you can go to and search for your address. This will show you the balance as well as the transactions that is associated with it.

If balances are showing on the blockchain explorer, then it is OK to proceed to the next step.

If there is nothing showing on the wallet, here are the probable causes:

  1. This is a completely different wallet, make sure you are opening the correct one.
  2. You have restored the wrong recovery phrases. Every recovery phrase has its own unique Multi-Coin wallet addresses. You need to find the correct set of words to recover your wallet. We do not have a record of these recovery phrases.
  3. Your wallet has been compromised. Someone has gained access to your recovery phrases and stolen your funds. There is nothing we can do at this point.

Step 2. Check Your Internet Connection

As always, in order for the app to work, you need to be online. Try opening a Browser or opening another app that connects to the internet. Switch off/on your Mobile Data, try to reconnect to a different WiFi Hotspot. If there is a connection problem then you would need to check this further on either your device settings or Internet provider.

Step 3. VPN Usage

In some cases, your connection gets blocked when you are on a country that prevents accesing Crypto related sites or app. Some users also want additional privacy, using VPN is one way to add this layer of security. This can also affect the performance of the app, be wary of restrictions and abide by them. Try to enable/disable your VPN app and see if the balance issue is affected.

Step 4. Reimport your Wallet

Before proceeding, you need to make sure that you backup your wallet. The process involves removing the wallet and restoring it back. Make sure to follow the steps closely.

Step 5: Test Another Device(Optional)

To better isolate the issue, using another device is another way of doing so. If you have a spare phone or tablet, install the app and test. The result of this test is beneficial for our devs, if it comes to a point that a ticket has to be submitted.

Step 6: Submit A Ticket

After going thru all the steps mentioned above and you are still unable to fix the issue, then the next step is to submit a ticket. You can do so by going here: . Provide as much detail as possible to help us understand the issue easily.
Here are some sample questions that you can answer and include it on the ticket.