Funds disappear automatically after swap

Today, March 12, 2024, at 11:05, I completed a swap between ETH (bep20) to ETH (bep2) through Finance Chain option. The transaction was successfully.

However, simultaneously at 11:05, a transfer was made to the following address automatically (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000001004)

  • app version: 11.1 (954)
  • device: iPhone 15 pro max
  • crypto wallet address: 0xd627a5fff62a4ec8144D643677Ad41cCAAfDdD9d
  • hash: 0xab026b5a4db1ddc06187a13ef51eef7f4bd6d2e460fa8e1b16d8443479a4f0f6

How can I recover my funds?

@enzomelero You made a swap and you received your ETH on the BEP2 network. What is the problem here exactly?

Hi Tobi, I can’t see it in my Trust Wallet. The ETH (BNB Smart Chain Asset) is 0 / 0,00$
Where can I find it?

@enzomelero You can add it manually

Thanks Tobi. Finally I found it !

Now, Can I do a Swap between my ETH’s (BNB Beacon Chain) to Bitcoin (BTC)?

@enzomelero You can check the swap tab in your Trust app if it supported there.