Funds Recovery Failed

I have mistakenly sent 10$ BNB to an account and I followed this procedure “How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address” but BNB was not on the list, only BSC.

What can I do??


Unfortunately, they did not return to you because the same situation happened to me, but you did not return the money to me again

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Hi @Marvestinc,

Which wallet address did you mistakenly send your BNB to? Is this derived from your own wallet?
If no, there is no point in using that guide since you sent it to a wallet where you don’t have access to the recovery phrase nor its private keys. If yes, deriving the BNB address and private key is quite technical. You need to use WalletConsole for that" WalletConsole utility - Trust Developer

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How can you do such a mistake?

No matter what led to the mistake, please crosscheck next time to avoid this kind and lost despite the coin or token it might be.

The same wallet address from which I received BNB from my Binance wallet, I just copied it directly from the transaction history of my Trust wallet and send without Memo. I returned yo Binance to find out I needed the memo

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To clarify, did you send it to your Trust Wallet BNB BEP2 address? Or, you sent it to Binance without a memo?

Yes, To BEP2 Address without Memo


If you did send it to Binance without a memo, then you need to contact them directly so they can assist you.