Funds show in App but BSCscan says wallet is empty

I purchased some BNB earlier today through Trust Wallet via Simplex. The transaction was approved and the funds appeared in my Trust Wallet. However, I went to PancakeSwap in the DApps section to swap my BNB, connected my Trust Wallet, and it says my BNB balance is $0.
Any information on how I can fix this?
I already tried re-installing the wallet.
Thank you for any help!!

You obviously have a Native BNB where the address begins with bnb…

You can follow this guide to learn who to convert native bnb (BEP2) to smart chain bnb (BEP20) How to Swap TWT BEP2 to TWT BEP20.

Please note that the example shown is for Trust Wallet Token but applies to BNB.

If this seems difficult, you can use the swap function within Trust wallet Dex as shown in the image below
Screenshot_20210607-092013_Trust Wallet