GFI swap to ETH - contract call recevied but funds in wallet


Last night I swapped using 1inch GFI to ETH.

Hash ETH : 0x1d1ac16d0ae9f13f59a71721854d6a16e31480d4cdaf3048af28678c37263515

I have remimported wallet to my mobile, installed Chrome extension and my banlance is still not available. 

Mobile version 8.11

 For the moment I thought, the swap was actaully wrappedEth but after I added token, there is zero balance. 

Can you please advice? Thank you

@Koteczekshawn Your swap was completed and your ETH is in your wallet, if you can’t see them still, please follow the troubleshoot guide below:

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@Tobi - Thank you very much for confirmation and quick reply.

It seems to be a problem on my end and I rebooted devices, cleared the cache and re-imported wallet and everything now looks good.