Governance Voting Power

I wish to give my vote in support of the current proposal for governance vote for solana tokens (SPL) and kin’s migration to Solana. But, my voting power when I cast my vote was zero and I still have TWT in my wallet, though BEP2 in mobile app.


Hi @Bishoppope,

To be able to vote, you need to have TWT BEP20 tokens on your wallet before the snapshot occurred, which is at block 2360669.


Has there been direct swap from BEP2 - BEP20 on Android mobile? If yes, kindly give me the link.

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Not yet possible, you can follow this guide using your laptop or desktop pc: How to Swap TWT BEP2 to TWT BEP20


@iamdeadlyz, thank you for the timely response.

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Nice tip from @iamdeadlyz
But you can have your way using your android mobile, though a little tedious.

Convert your BEP2 TWT to BNB in your trust wallet and send to Binance exchange.

Withdraw back the BNB to your trust wallet but changing the blockchain to BEP20.

When you receive your BNB (BEP20) in your wallet, use it to buy TWT (BEP20) on PancakeSwap.

I hope this is helpful