Haven't received my MATIC tokens

I am having an ongoing problem with Trust wallet. I transferred MATIC tokens to my trust wallet and they never arrived. I have submitted a ticket 125002. I was emailed a guide by support, even though I already followed the same guide before submitting the ticket. I followed every step. It did not help. I’ve emailed support back twice with the information they requested. However I still have not heard anything back. My money is missing and I need to find it. Thank you for your help.

Trust Wallet Version 6.11 (6111)
QR code of crypto address attached
Transaction hash from ether scan attached
Screen Shot of my trust wallet showing no MATIC tokens

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Hello @steveN6
You sent your MATIC tokens to your Trust app on the ERC20 network and you need to add as a custom token
Tap on the upper right corner in your wallet, search MATIC and enable the one with ERC20


Thank you so much JennyMillan! You are a Genius! A real gem. You were more helpful than the Trust Wallet Support team.


I sent MATIC to Trustwallet, but I didn’t receive it. At first, I saw a notification from Trustwallet that coins were being transferred successfully, but in the app my balance is 0 MATIC. I have already tried all that was written in the guide, but it didn’t work. I have screenshots, but I can’t attach them here in the post, perhaps I can send them to your email? I hope you will help me and return my coins.

Transaction hash: 0xdb621018b801ca9c7e8896e3906fa6784901d2d62fdf2e74eedb38b583402edf

Thank you for your answer.

Hello @Costa
You need to add your MATIC as a custom token as you have sent to your Trust wallet on the Smartchain network.
Tap the icon at the upper right corner then search MATIC and enable the one with BEP20.
See guide below:

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This was helpful Jenny, thanks.

Now, my issue is that although I now see the ERC20 MATIC total and it looks fine, I need it to be on the “regular” network. How can I convert from ERC20 MATIC to regulat MATIC? Is there an intermediary toket I can swap with? (sorry if this is a noob question but, well, I’m a noob)

I originally transferred from Coinbase and there was no specification that this would not be “regular” MATIC when the transfer was over. I’m trying to use an app with this and ERC20 MATIC won’t do, apparently.

Hello @enicot
You may need to find an exchange that supports ERC20 MATIC deposits and send there then withdraw out back to your Trust wallet app on the native Polygon network

@JennyMillan Seems so. I’d been great for these cryptos not to be mixed this way. Luckily I was just testing and didn’t lose too much, but otherwise I’d be pissed.

Anyway, my transaction was like $10, which is basically gas money at this point. Might as well leave it there and see what happens.