Haven't received my TRC20 USDT sent from binance to my new trust wallet

I sent usdt TRC20 to my trust wallet from binance account, have received email regarding transfer successfully, but not received any fund in my trust wallet.

Transaction ID is


Can anyone help me found out where my funds are?

Another strange thing I noticed that receiving address I copied and paste at binance from trust wallet has been changed and its identical to Tron trx address, is there any thing fishy?

I use whitelist of addresses in my binance account and diligently copied and pasted while adding Adress to white list.

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Hello @Faysalryk,

Kindly refresh your App and also update the App if you haven’t done so.

Checked the transaction hash, the Blockchain has confirmed 10USDT sent to this address: TC5ykaAZv2jvCEWPSyqgh8XtAXFYVwJ68X.

Since it’s same address with the image, then it’s already in your wallet.


I am new to trust wallet can you please describe how to refres app.

Hi @Faysalryk use this guide to enable TRC20-USDT on Trust wallet.


Have done so bro, but still 0 balance, did I needed to have eth or trx balance in wallet before this transaction?


Close the app and reopen it then open USDT(TRC20), hold from the top of the $ sign tap and swipe down. It should refresh the app and the value of the USDT.

Remember to update the App from Playstore (android) or Apple store (iPhone)


Help me cant send USDT trc20 to another wallet

According to your image, you do not have enough energy to make the transfer. Kindly, make sure to have enough Tron to cover for the transaction. Have at least 5 Tron for the transaction.


Thanks it resolved, and it helped.


I have sent 5 Usdt to my trust wallet through Trc20 network although the transaction is successful but not showing in my wallet kindly plz help me

Transaction id - 08fab0fc69bf32c8e1e31d564c5b6fe15ce461d2a9bf6ba2ebd6b31e01e46f18

Have refresh the app and enable Trx still not showing…

I got the same problem with my BNB that sent from indodax into my trustwallet, and got 0 BNB on the wallet…

You need to add the coin to the view.
See how to add your desired coin How to Add or Remove a Coin

Search for USDT (TRC20) and add it.


Thank you bro I got it… :+1:

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