HELP for tokens TWT

Hello, on Android 6 and 11.04 I trust, but under UN refer to Amis, I only have the original link, without code pour referent !!!
How to do it ? I have the latest version but I don’t have this code to return
Who can guide me ? I’m French, otherwise I translate via Google ’ thanks


You need a multicoinwallet and you will see Invite Friend option More:

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Hello. I do not receive TWT referral tokens after inviting friends. Here is my link:
Help me please.

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Distribution has not happened yet. Please be patient.


Got it, thank you very much.


I’m refer my 36 friend. and My Balance 3600 TWT token…

when I’m update this apps now my Refer Program and TWT token didn’t show here…

Please help


У меня такая же проблема. Вначале показывал 3400 ТВТ, вчера 100, сегодня ни одного. Кто нибудь знает в чём тут дело? Заранее спасибо!

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Terms of the referral campaign may change as stated on the announcement.
Learn more here: Invite A Friend. Earn Trust Wallet Token (TWT)


How will you invite friends?

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Talk to your friends and family and ask them to download the app and use your referral link.


Is this true, for all tokens? I have 3 friends that I have invited using my link. I can see 100 TWT in the invite friend page, but the other 2 friends I have not received the tokens.

In other words the invite friend page should show 300 TWT pending, but only 100 TWT are showing.

Will after distribution, the tokens will appear in my wallet? Thanks in advance for any information or possible ways to fix it.

Here you can see the 100 but it should say 300. Thank you!


Please make sure you are following the rules specified on the announcement.
Learn more here:

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Yes I have done everything exact. That’s why the credit was added for one friend. The other 2 who NEVER had Trust Wallet before and downloaded it with my link I never received credit.

Plus when they tried to enter just my referral code that wasn’t an option on their side. I can give you names and information to contact them, but I would certainly like the credit.

Thanks in advance!

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These will be reviewed before the event ends. Please wait for further announcements.

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Thank you very much! I can give you names or the referral codes of both my wallet and the friends I have invited using my code if that helps.

Thank you so much for your fast response and helping me with this. I have 100% followed all the requirements, rules, and procedures.I love my Trust Wallet and won’t even be too upset if nothing can be done about getting me the tokens! Although I really hope to get them, it is what it is!:grinning:

best multicoin wallet i use before

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I invite 4 to 5 friends but this type of msg is not shown

I invite 4 to 5 friends and they are all install through my referal link but i have not show any such type of msg shown in pic.??