Help me, I can not see mine DATA DTA token in Trust Wallet

Hi, I need help it urgent. I have sent my DTA DATA token from Huobi exchanges to Trust Wallet DATA token address ERC20 but I do not see them. can you help me?

Transaction ID is


DATA token DTA wallet is


Hi @Shamil,

Please be informed that you have withdrawn DTA (KIP-7), not DTA (ERC20). Also, Klaytn is not supported in the app.

To recover your DTA (KIP-7), please follow this guide:

Select ETH in the coin part then scroll down and get the private key of 0x0868a347bA8dD2c14610f7806a277d7a40374f22.

After getting the private key, import it to their official wallet:


Hi friends, you helped me so much, I got everything done. I am so grateful for your help. thank you and all the Trust wallet team.