[HELP] Missing USDT ERC20

I am pretty sure that I have input the right deposit address.

The issue/bug occur when my credit card transaction to buy ETH for the gas fee via moonpay was declined but I still received the ETH coin in my wallet and then the transfer was successful and my USDT went missing. Can you advise what may be the roots of the issue please?

I have found the deposit address on etherum network and the amount transfer in doesn’t tally with the amount he receive. I can send u the screenshot.

So please investigate what’s the issue.

Hash ID 0xe7dc30517a4135660705d3fdcfdcefd410a346c2d676281ecc50f32354b4663c

You may refer to this hash ID. This is the miner detail and the transaction that he deposit eth to me. So the question is where is my USDT? The deposit account belongs to the miner and I am not the one who keyed it. There must be a bug. Please help me, my USDT is missing.

I already answered your issue here: Coins not showing on trust wallet - #27 by Alvin87

Nothing can be done, you sent your funds to wrong address.

Hi @Alan47, please allow me to explain. Can you listen to me?

I am not the one who keyed the address wrongly. This deposit address belong to the miner and in no way I will get to know his address in the first place.

Basically when I did the transfer out of my USDT ERC20 and it directed me to moonpay to purchase the ETH. When my credit card transaction was declined, I shouldn’t be receiving ETH coin and transaction shouldn’t go through.

But for some reason, I still receive the ETH and the transfer of USDT was successful.

Please look at the hash ID I have provided above. I receive ETH from someone (I assume it as ETH miner), even my credit card purchase of ETH was declined.

The miner address is the same as the deposit address which in no way was keyed by me.

So please investigate on this. How can I know the miner address in the first place? I didn’t keyed it. I don’t even know it. There must a bug between trust wallet and your 3rd party provider moonpay.

Can I speak to someone on this please?