Help on Smart Contract Call - Swap problem

I used Trust Wallet app to swap From BNB Smart Chain to BNB. I’m seeing that it got sent to “Smart Contract Call” No clue where my funds are or why this has happened given I connected my trust wallet for the transaction.

There was not option for anything else. Can I get my fund back or have it complete the swap?

Please help

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@ashouri1984 You made a swap to BEP2 BNB, please check that you have received on that address.
Although may I ask why you’re still swapping to BEP2 BNB when the chain is getting sunset ?

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Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, I still haven’t receive. Regarding your question why I did this, I swapped by mistake and I wasn’t paying attention at all. After confirming the transaction, I realized my mistake.
Now is there a solution to return the currency?
I would be grateful if you could guide me on what to do to get it back

@ashouri1984 I’d suggest you submit a ticket to Customer support through your Trust app;
Settings → Support
or at

To reduce response times from customer support, please include the following info in the ticket:

App version, device model, wallet address, TX hash (if available), and the blockchain + assets you’re experiencing the issue with

@UMF Can you explain what the issue is ? And also provide more details

I think my funds are stuck in a smart contract similar to what the guy at the top has stated please help i also i can post a screenshot here

@UMF What is your receiving address and on what chain ?

@UMF You’re not providing enough details for me to be able to understand what the transaction is about. What exactly did you do in the transaction ? Seems you made a swap but for what token ?

Hi toby i have posted txn hash from and to above are you able to go through and let me no what ive done wrong please

When i click on my history in trust wallet its saying smart contract call i tryed to swap bnb to eth i think u can see on basescan i have no idea what i have done this is all new to me please help

My recieving address is the from addy and the smart contract is the To addy i think can u look into my transaction and let me know what has happend please

@UMF This is what the transaction shows, you received ETH

I aint able to upload the screenshot sorry about being so annoying to and that u so much for tryna help me

Hey bro @tobi so if u go to that link and go to bottom of page and go to transaction and check the top one out of 3 transactions the address to the far right click on that and can inform me whats going on there plz thats the smart contract still showing in my trust wallet history

@UMF Yes it is the same transaction I sent, please check under internal transactions.

Hey tobi just to confirm i received a message from tobi 909 saying its a error in the node system :man_facepalming:t3:

@UMF That’s an impersonator and they have been banned here.

Hi all,

I would really love your help. I have joined a smart contract where I was told te be able to stake my usdt (bnb smart chain) without having to transfer them, so keeping them in the wallet. I am really 100% sure nobody ever had my private keys.

The website is:

As soon as i swapped crypto for USDT (BnB smart chain), all my assets were transferred to
0xCf54d826244487499a19cb4073FCCD4C044a8c88, without me having to approve a transaction.
At this point, it looks like it “staked” on their platform, and interest is being added on the account. I cannot enter this staked amount of USDT and their “help centrum” tells me I need to reach a staking target of 50000 USDT for it to be released.
Is there someway I can retrieve this crypto?
Please if somebody could help me out…

@JLETUKI That website is a scam and you need to stop interacting with it.
It’s best to create a new wallet also, as your present could be compromised.

Dear Tobi,

I did and I revoked the contract, there is no way to trace the crypto back?