Help on Smart Contract Call - Swap problem

@JLETUKI Most likely your tokens are gone, i advise to also create a new wallet and not risk using the same one.

I am a victim of such kind of scam. Is there any way to regain the losses?

@Vaidask No unfortunately in most cases, your tokens are gone forever.

It was a devastating loss, but it taught me a valuable lesson I won’t forget. Thank you for being honest.

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@Tobi i have face this same problem recently i transfer param token to eth & it shows smart contract call and zero balance i don’t what to do pls help me

I can’t upload my screenshot now pls help me

@Mathi Please provide the transaction hash if any and your receiving address.

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Hi I have similar issue, i was not paying attention to my assets in trust wallet and just found out that BEP2 BNB is getting sunset. So I tried swap my assets to BNB smart chain but I have no fund in BEP2 BNB and cant pay for swap fee. How can I resolve this? please help

@kmin9409 You can deposit BEP2 BNB from an exchange like Binance to your Trust wallet.

@Tobi but I am in Canada and we cant use Binance, is there any other exchanges I can use? please advise

@Tobi i can’t upload transaction hash & screenshot

So pls say another way to solve this problem

@Mathi You do not need to upload a screenshot of transaction hash, you can just type it out.

@kmin9409 Unfortunately I’m not sure about this, you may need to do your research on which exchange still supports.

Hi Tobi, When I try to confirm BNB swap from Beacon BNB chain to BNB Smart Chain, I get a message saying " Amount should be positive" what do this mean and how can this be resolved? Thank you

@EIO Can you please submit a support ticket here regarding this: