Help on Smart Contract Call - Swap problem

@Muky2024 When you swapped, did you indicate an address to swap into? Seems like you initiated a swap and transfer.

Hi Tobi9
The address when i swapped 0.686 YFI (ERC20) to 1.1548 ETH (COIN) the screenshot showed:

Date: 21 Jun 2024 at 16:36
Status: Completed
Recipient: 0x58c…3feA537

I know that 0x58c…3feA537 is my receive address for ETH.

on 21june i transfer YFI to ETH and received a “completed”. Recipient address was


viewed on block explorer:

Transaction Hash:





20140758113488 Block Confirmations


15 days ago (Jun-21-2024 02:41:11 PM UTC)|Confirmed within 30 secs

Transaction Action:

Swap1.142942295334936698ETH For 4,000

[USDC] 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48) On Uniswap V3

No I mean that for my BPAY it have in my wallet before I swap it’s But when I swap why it’s cut my BNB fee and my BNB 0.021 why the cut both

I do follow this: BPAYswap org
Can you see and check for me again please

@Leakhena That’s a scam link, it is advisable for you to create a new wallet and stop using the current one which is most likely compromised.

Hi Tobi, could you help me with this problem for Smart Contract Call? I exchanged between BNB and USDC, but I did not receive the USDC and only the Smart Contract Call appears to me.

Hash: 0xabcac5a3623988dc8c11e53d362ebee4f1fb3e3d28814a6cec0eaf34b4934f33

@MatheusXVI Can you confirm where you have made this swap ? It appears you did a transfer and not a swap.

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update: I just received the correct amount, I don’t know what happened. do you have any idea?

@MatheusXVI Swaps could take a while depending on which dApp you use or where you have made the swap, that was the case here.

So the address you showed previously was that of the dApp, I imagine :grinning: