Help please. USDT went to ERC20 on trust wallet and can’t do anything now

So I transferred usdt from binance and it went to erc20 usdt on trust. Now I’m literally stuck. What should I do. Can anyone help me please?

Please. Can anyone help? I’m literally going in shock. I think erc is the ethereum network and it’s now asking me to have enough ethereum for it to be transferred. I’m literally in loss now. Just by a mistake of mine :frowning:

Pleeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz someone help me. Pleeeeeeez. I’m literally begging you all. If anyone can just help me? I swear I’m in shock.

Please? Can anyone help me with this. I’m on YouTube. Can’t find anything. To send it back it’s asking for ethereum In fee. Eth is very expensive. I don’t have ETH. is there any way I can send it back or anything at all.

I know I sound very awkward but please be in my position. I swear it has made me go nuts. It has been like 2 hours now. Almost. Please I’m literally begging anyone that could be of any help. It says I need to have 71 dollars in ethereum for the fee. That’s a lot :confused: I know I made a mistake. I wasn’t aware of it. But I’m literally stuck. I swear this is the worst day of my life.

Is there anyway I can talk to the help centre? any phone number or anything? Please. I might have a stroke :frowning: seriously. Please I’m literally begging anyone out there to please help me.

I did the same - sent them back to Binance (fees apply) then converted to BNB then sent BNB to my BNB trust wallet. I then swapped them to smart chain

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How did u sent them back to binance bro can u help me with this?

I am stuck with 200 usdt erc20 , i can’t transfer to binance it asks me 65$ eth fee to transfer , i am thinking that smart wallet it sucks
I will be very grateful if someone helps me
Thank you

Well the only way is that you send them back to your binance USDT. in binance you have to select USDT ERC20 To receive them. You need to have some ETH in your trust wallet in order for the transaction to proceed because it’s on the ERC20 ethereum network. Yes it costs alot in fee because ETH is expensive. But that’s the only way.
I also learnt it the hard way just because of a small mistake.

I paid the fee to go back to Binance - I had bad advice but I had some eth from long ago I didn’t know I had

To anyone who experienced the same issue. You need to have the native ETH in your wallet first.

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