How can I add Steem and Bitcoin Diamond in Trust Wallet


How can I add Steem coin and Bitcoin Diamond in Trust Wallet?

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I think u can do that via contact address if not seen on token list, just scroll down and click add custom token and fill in the contact address.


You can tap at the toggle at the top right-hand corner of your wallet page and search for those token and check them if you can’t find them you need to manually add the contract address of the respective token.How To Add Token Image to Trust Wallet?How to Add a Custom Token


Common reply Without trying. Pls you try to do add Steem and BCD coin in Trust Wallet.

Then reply me please

Listen good those are the only alternatives available even trustwallet team can’t help you if you can’t add through the toggle option and you can’t add manually using the contract address then it’s nobody’s fault you then have to wait for it to be added.

We all here ain’t :100: here.

It’s either what is been suggested to you here works out fine or you simply ignore it.


Hi Anamul,

Please see the list of assets supported by TrustWallet. TrustWallet Assets

Steem and Bitcoin Diamond have their own Blockchain and if they are not supported, you may suggest adding them in “Ideas”.