How can I find my multi-coin wallet private key

I installed and activated my Trust Wallet a few days ago. I need to import the Trust Wallet to Metamask. In order to do this, I need my wallet private key. How do I find my Trust Wallet Private Key? I researched the topic in the Community and found this: The only way to get them (Private Keys) out is when you reveal the recovery phrase. So, how do I find the keys using the recovery phrase? Thanks

Just curious why you need to import your Trust Wallet to Metamask.
Most of the transaction signings can also be done within Trust Wallet.

But if you still need to get the Private Key, you can derive it.
It is actually posted on one of the Troubleshooting guides.

Just be advised that this will expose the Private Key.
Here is the guide:

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Thank you for the quick response. I’ll be very careful.


I’m also looking for the same information but perhaps I’m not asking the correct question. I am trying to link the MetaMask extension on my browser with Trust Wallet. MetaMask asks for the private key when importing a wallet but your response to the poster implied that it isn’t necessary.

Hello, I am in a similar situation where I need my private key in order to import my wallet to MetaMask. However my real goal is to move my crypto domains to my Ledger Nano. Apparently the only way o can do that is by first moving them to MetaMask.
I am all ears of you have a better option

Hello @KensicoFur,

You can follow this guide so you can get the private key of your ETH wallet :arrow_down: