How do I convert FTM Token to FTM

Hello - i recently sent over FTM from Bitrue to Trust Wallet and they are appearing as FTM Token. How do I convert those to regular FTM? I am trying to buy HEC on SpookySwap and having trouble figuring this out. Please see attached. Thank you!

Hello @Ml4477 check this guide on how to convert: Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets

Would it work if I just sent my 441 FTM Tokens to FTM? See those screenshots - just from 1 to the other. Is it that simple? Or are they technically 2 different coins? Seems like I’m just complicating it to have to convert to Binance first?

I’m afraid to do anything on this wallet after temporarily losing these when I sent them from Bitrue recently


you bought FTM in Eth network so you should use bridge your tokens from ETH to fantom network.
go to SpookySwap and bridge your token & you should have some ETH for gas fee