How to access crypto in a watch only wallet

How to access funds in my watch only wallet? I have crypto that I see available in an ethereum watch only wallet and I need to know how to access this crypto.


Hello @shawn614, the only way to turn the watch-only wallet into a fully accessible one is to import the correct seed phrase, private key or keystore JSON of that wallet. If you don’t have it, then unfortunately, there is no other way to recover it.

If you have it, please do the following:

  • Make sure you have the backup of your recovery phrase, private key, or keystore JSON

  • Uninstall the Trust Wallet app

  • Install the app again

  • Import using the backup (do not import an address, that will turn your wallet into a watch-only)

There are also cases where someone gives you a wallet address, and you were told to import it as a watch address claiming it is your money. Unfortunately, you cannot access it since the scammer owns it or got it randomly pretending that it’s his/her. Announcement regarding this type of scam:


how long does its take the reflection of currency in wallet .im asking becose somethimes is seems took long…or not reflacting at all

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