How to create specific cryptocurrency wallet?

The wallet i created is multi-coin wallet that support all cryptocurrency/altcoin like : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, EOS, BNB and…

At the beginning of making the wallet, the App gave me 12 words that I saved.
These 12 words for all crypto? If I want to import specific coin in different wallets like blockchain, atomic, coinomi and …, will I be shown my currency balance? I mean there is no way to create phrase or private key for specific cryptocurrency. I’m afraid of this.

So how to created specific wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, EOS, BNB seperetly.

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Why would you want to create a wallet for each of your assets, if you can have them all in one place and access them at any time very quickly? That’s the whole reason Trust is so cool.

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Hi @jackhardy,

There is no way to create a specific wallet for each crypto. When you import your recovery phrase to other wallets, it should work. You can get the private key by following this guide:

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Thank you very much.
Is it good idea to create wallet for each crypto?
I mean 1 multi-coin wallet for BTC, 1 multi-coin wallet for ETH and …?
What if different wallet does not support a multi-coin feature?

Personally, no. That’s why it’s called “multi-coin” wallet. There is no need to create different wallets for each crypto since it’s an “all in one.”

You can still import the recovery phrase so it will recognize specific crypto. Else, you can follow the guide that I sent earlier to get the private key.

Thank you very much for reply.
It may be a question for many.
Because I might just want to transfer the ETH Balance to another wallet like (coinomi, blockchain …). Therefore, importing multi-coin private key may be a problem for other currencies like bnb, eos and …