How to earn big from cryptocurecryptocurency

Hi… I saw some red market and some with high %profit… This makes me wonder

How can i know when to buy and when to sell?


The simple way yo buy is yo make It from the Deep …


How can i tell hw far a deep will go in order to prevent joining too early…


I think it’s about technical analysis and trends just like we have in Forex. Looking at the charts and candle sticks can tell you when to buy and sell to make profit. You really have to be a technical analyst trader to know these things.


Well I don’t think u actual know, an example like me I use binance dex on trusted wallet to trade, on dex exchange u can order to buy and also to sell, so in other to prevent totally lose of profit I ordered to sell at a specific price so when the price drop to stipulated price it sell automatically and I also do it when buying, set price and order.


I usually use different price live trackers like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. And to sell, you have to use your selected exchanges.

Prices are different from exchanges to exchanges. Depend on the volume traded.

To see when to buy and sell a coin, you have to use the historical chart of that coin you want - to compare the price from now to the past. I like to look at "all time":grinning: prices. So, DYOR ( Do Your Own Research).

  • not all coins are available on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

I am not a financial adviser, DYOR.


It’s a bit difficult to reply at this question. Probably if you are asking this , It’s because you don’t have a consolidated knowledge in crypto. The best advise I can give you ( for my experience) is the followings:

  1. Don’t focus too much in making a fortune $$$
    2.Don’t trade and don’t follow any trading signals or tips on twitter .
    3.Start to be an holder before than a trader. Just buy few tokens (eg. $ADA,$DOT,$ETH and $TWT), hold this tokens and keep watching BTC price . take profit once every 6-7 months (maybe only 15%-20%).
    In the long term 85% of the traders lose all their money , there are statistics about it . Holders never lose.

You must learn some basics of technical analysis, and do not forget to put stop loss feature in your trades.


You need to learn about analysis,


The simplest way of Earning in the Crypto world,is when you buy the Dump and Sell the Pump, if you’re not a greedy type, you should earn alot of money from this, it’s very simple everyone else can do it. But get more information on the coin you want to buy…


From all point… I guess all i need to do now is to do research on coin,buy the dumb and sell the pump…

If i want to take it to the next level… I need training on analysis…

Thanks a lot for all the information

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If you are a beginner you should learn more about the cryptocurrency world, then starting holding afterwards learn how to trade and analyse coins and do your thing and you are good to go.


This YouTube Channel can help you A lot


I like the first point


thanks for all friends to sharing,its great

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Exactly, as you said you’ll need training on analysis if you wan to take it to the next level. Crypto Trading. You can trade your Crypto on the Binance App, go get a Binance app from your ios/android device


To add, two things I am learning to control are:
A1. the impulse
A2. greed

A1. For the impulse buying and selling - got me many times in trouble, so I have to deal with it a lot.
It helps me to ask questions like, how long can I wait? Is it a long term investment or for short time investment. It helps to calm the impulse inside.

I also like to read the Coin/Token project they are trying to achieve. To decide if I should buy it and for long term of short term investment.

For day trade, you have to look at the behaviour of the chart. Is it a profitable coin or not? To find it out, try to look at its Mrk. cap and Daily trading Volume, the opening price and closing (24h high and 24h low) and compare it to other coins. Just to have an idea.

I am not a day trader but it helps a lot to read and visualizing the behaviour of the live market with the information offered on CoinmarketCap and CoinGecko.
Check out also the Binance Academy, to gain more knowledges.

A2. The Greed - happened mostly when buying and selling. You put the price unrealisticly too low when buying and too high when selling. The risk are, it may not reach the prices targeted ina given time.

Try to find out, how confortable are with the price you are willing to buy or sell.

And last thing, you should consider the money you are willing to loose if anything happens, because it comes with many risks of loosing your money when it comes to trading.

Look for videos on Youtube helps too. Many of them promices " How to get rich faster😆" - You should avoid those in my opinion. No such thing. I think.

Soooo DYOR​:eye: :mag_right:. Read read and compare and find your valuable Coin.


Depending on the business you want to invest, but beware of some new currencies Or can you do a ticking for his work. You can see Walt Trust in expectation for a period of 3 days, because I made new partnerships and that the price is rising.


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