How to get my private key to unlock my Trustwallet on Idex

Goodday all! I traded on Idex using the dApp option unfortunately I upgraded the Trustwalletapp by accident this week. I now lost contact with my funds on the the exchange. For unlockung my wallet I need my private key. How can I get my private key? Where can I put my recovery phrase? I am using the wallet on my iPhone/iPad. Many thanx in advance!

You can follow this guide:


Thanks for your help! It looks rather complex to me. I have to try it I guess. Would it also be possible to use the Wallet Connect option to access Idex again? No private key needed? Do you know?
Maybe I can reconnect to Idex this way and get a grip to my funds again!? Your advice is much appreciated! Have a nice day!

If IDEX supports WalletConnect then yes.

Hallo I have incomplete words for my phase how can I retrieve my complete phase I need to retrieve my wallet

If you did not create a backup of the recovery phrase then there is no way to restore the wallet.
We have no record of any user wallets.