How to get TRX to transfer USDT TRC20?]

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Kindly assist with the above subject.

Am having same issue. How can I get 8 Tron to transfer my TRC20 USDT. Kindly assist

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You can send them to binance or download tronlinkpro wallet (this is for tron network coins) import your trustwallet in that and swap to another trc20 token



Please help this is my TRX adress of trust wallet. I want to send my TRC20 usdt but it is not transfering . And asking transaction fees . I dont have TRX . And minimum deposit in trust wallet is $50 . I can deposit this amount just for $0.6 fee. Please give some TRX on above address so I can withdraw my USDT TRC20

@jonest @Anilavde,

To get TRX, you can buy and withdraw from exchanges. Here’s a list:

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As I can see below i’m not the only one stucked with usdt trc20 in trustwallet, so me too i need 7 trx to moove some amount of usdt to my wallet, i’m stuck as everybody else, i think that this method u use , it is not perfect, people easily get stack in too.
Can u help je some way?

trying to get money that by mistake was transferred to tw in trc2, but it asks me for trx and the minimum amount is $ 50, is it possible to change that or to help me in any way?

Can u help me getting some trx?
I need ur help couse i’m still stucked in

Hi @Hidra @cesar009,

To get TRX, here are the possible ways you can do:

is not possible a drop of gift of trx to be able to remove the coins? I only need for the transaction

They do not like my answer couse i say true things so they do not accept my commets om this post

Hi honestly can’t understand why has my usdt trc20 been converted to a token tgat can’t be anyway converted to any coin in trust wallet…that’s to my opinion a scam, and why i should’nt by allowed to resend back my usdt trc20, i saw below that u suggest to import the wallet to another app called tronlink, but there is the same problem even there converting the usdt as the token have not the wright contratc address…so are u able to send me 8 tron so i can menage the sending to my wallet ?


To clarify, the Trust Wallet team is not the one who is handling your cryptos and transaction. You should learn more about how a non-custodial (decentralized) wallet works.

Read and understand these guides:

Can u help me sending me 8 tron? I’m still stucked, is this a problem for u?

You can read my previous response on how to get TRX.