How to Integrate a New Coin or Blockchain

Integration Criteria

The Trust Wallet development team is always striving to add more blockchains that will be essential for developers and wallet users. We choose blockchains carefully that will have the biggest impact for our community.

In general:

  • The blockchain has launched mainnet and stably run at least 3 ~ 6 months without any major security incidents.
  • The blockchain has extensive public documentation and tools available for developers to use.
  • The native coin is listed in the top 30 coins on CoinMarketCap.
  • The project needs to provide API/JSON-RPC access to the node with a load balancing setup for private use, see detail requirements here.
  • The native coin is tradable on major exchanges.

After integrate into Trust Wallet, project should also provide timely support for any urgent matters.
If your project meets the above criteria, you can review the next steps in adding a coin or blockchain:

Find out the other ways you can contribute here.

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