How to quickly see/revoke the BSC addresses authorised to spend your tokens with Trust Wallet

If you have used a DApp on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with your browser of Trust Wallet to maximize your cryptocurrency holdings, on more than one occasion you should have accepted the interaction of a token or smart contract with your BSC address of Trust Wallet.

This is a common process and necessary in some cases such as:

In case you were not aware, many of these permissions that you grant tend to remain active for a long time and in most cases permanently, so with this simple guide you will learn in a safe and simple way how to revoke these permissions that you have granted in the past and you no longer wish to maintain.

What is BSC Allowance Checker?

BSC Allowance Checker is a very useful tool that belongs to the Beefy Finance team by means of which connecting Trust Wallet gives you a list of all the addresses of tokens and smart contracts to which you have provided access in the past in the Binance Smart Chain network.

What benefits does BSC Allowance Checker give?

The main reason is security, if in the past you have allowed the address of an unreliable token or smart contract of dubious origin to interact with your wallet these spend permissions could allow dishonest teams or individuals to transfer all of your approved tokes at anytime without asking further permission from you.

Another important reason is the control it gives you to see the detailed list of all the token or smart contract addresses that interact with your BSC address of Trust Wallet.

How to use BSC Allowance Checker?

Access your DApp browser and at the top, in the navigation bar, insert the following url:

Make sure that the network you are connected to is the Binance Smart Chain. You can follow this guide: Access Binance Smart Chain DApps with Trust Wallet

Once inside you will find something similar to this

There you will be able to see a list comprised of the token address, the smart contract to which said token belongs and the level of allowance it has on your Trust Wallet BSC address.

Pressing any address will send you to BscScan a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Binance Smart Chain where you will be able to see all the detailed information of the address you accessed.

In case of being an address to which you no longer wish to continue granting interaction with your BSC address, you just have to return to the previous page and press the “Revoke” button where a window of confirmation from Trust Wallet asking you to approve your operation.

Approve the operation and update the page, as you will see the address to which you have regained access no longer appears.

You already know how to manage with BSC Allowance Checker the addresses of tokens and smart contracts that interact with your BSC address of Trust Wallet quickly and easily!


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What happen if I revoked all while still farming on somewhere?

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You will have to approve them again and still pay gas fee to approve transactions


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My trust wallet is not responding at all. I am not able to send money out. I am trying to revoke access to my contract address and nothing is responding. Please help what do I do ?

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Please how do I open bscscan?

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Is it possible to revoke with paying ETH has fees? I’m worried by wallet has been exposed and am unable to remove permission as the gas fee is 200 pounds

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Same issue here, it wants insane ETH gas to revoke the permissions. How does one go about this?

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