How to recover funds sent from ETC-NonBep20 (Trust wallet) to ETC (Bep20) into Trust

Hi, I accidentaly sent from ETC-Non Bep20 (Trust Wallet) to another ETC Wallet(Bep20) in alt device into Trust but i can’t see income money. But if i check blockchain explorer i can see the money there.

ETC Wallet Non Bep20

ETC Wallet Bep20


42.1 ETC stuck, I tried everything even

  1. Trust Wallet app version: 1.27.17
  2. ETCwallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot, and attach it here):

  3. Transaction hash or link: 0x6e172a325c84c6228deb21d79fd1e04a0389ed16b8518bd068b5f12b82395e87
  4. Screenshots of the wallet:
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