How to Submit a Proposal

What is a Community Proposal?

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) holders are given the chance to have their voice be heard and put up a proposal thru our Governance Platform. This will require a minimum 1,000,000 TWT BEP20 tokens in order to submit a proposal. You can create a proposal and have the entire Trust Wallet Community as your voters.

Make sure that your proposal fits the template provided by the Trust Wallet team.

Since this is a community proposal, this still has to go thru a rigorous debate within the Trust Wallet team before they can be considered. The team will have the final decision as always. However, these proposals can be used as a way to hear other user opinions on the matter.

Voting instructions are further explained here: How to Vote in Trust Wallet Governance

Proposal Guidelines

In order for the team to consider a proposal, it must meet certain parameters once the voting period ends.
Here are some of the most important factors:

  • Total amount of votes is equal to at least 4% of the total TWT BEP20 circulating.
  • 51% or higher voted “Yes
  • Voting period should be at least 5 days.

The total circulating TWT on Binance Smart Chain can be checked here:

Currently, there is about 28M TWT BEP20 that can be used to vote for a proposal. This amount may change over time as more users swap their TWT from BEP2 to BEP20.

Important Notice

  • Trust Wallet team will not tolerate any kind of manipulation and will not allow any user to gain advantage by using multiple accounts.
  • Trust Wallet team reserves the right to change the terms of the governance platform at any time since this is still experimental.

How to Submit a Proposal

You need to be using the most recent version of the app to properly access the Governance portal. Make sure you have 1M TWT on your Smart Chain address in order to submit a proposal.

Access Governance Portal

Open the DApp browser and then go to

Switch to Binance Smart Chain

Tap on the Network icon on the upper right, then on the menu choose Smart Chain.

Connect the Wallet

Connect the wallet by tapping the Connect button which is beside the question mark, and then choose Trust Wallet on the available options.

Create New Proposal

Now, tap on New Proposal and make sure to fill in the pertinent details about the proposal.

Fill in the Choices, and set the Start and End Dates for the voting period.

Publish the Proposal

Once you have completed all the needed information, tap on Publish and Sign the transaction by tapping on OK.

You have successfully submitted a Community proposal.

Requirement to submit a proposal was increased to 1,000,000 TWT.
If you do not have enough TWT then you can also post your suggestion on our Ideas section.