Governance Proposal Template

Following the successful governance proposal to implement a template for Trust Wallet governance proposals, we have created the following template to guide your proposals.

In the future, only proposals that include this level of thought and effort will be made available for voting.

Community proposals will be rejected if they appear to propose the following:

  • Listing on centralized exchanges
  • Burning of TWT
  • Anything illegal
  • Anything that could cause others harm

To learn how to vote in governance proposals, visit here: How to vote
To learn how to submit your proposal, visit here: How to submit a proposal

Template Begins

Proposal Title

Proposal Introduction

Welcome to the first governance opportunity for TWT holders! Here you can vote whether you think the Filecoin blockchain should be added to Trust Wallet.

Proposal Request

Functions, changes etc. that are requested as part of the proposal

Proposal Details

A few sentences to explain the proposal’s details

Proposal Motivation

One sentence why it’s good for the Trust Wallet community, and the wider ecoystem to add this project

Benefits to Trust Wallet users

Indirect and hypothetical benefits to Trust Wallet users, TWT holders and the wider crypto community.

Reward for existing TWT holders

Direct Benefits and Rewards for TWT holders

Associated Projects

What is the project

Short description of any projects other than Trust Wallet that are relevant to this proposal

Associated Project Tokenomics

What is the purpose and utility of the native coins and tokens of the associated project

Associated Project Stats

Token Circulating Supply:

Token Max Supply:

Token Value:

Token Purpose:

Consensus Mechanism:


Trading Volume:

Number of Holders:

Number of transactions:

Useful Links

Examples for an associated project

Blockchain Explorer




Communications/PR Contact:

Optional additional detail

Future advantages for Trust Wallet users:

History of the proposal or associated project:

Template Ends