How to Swap Baby Doge to USDC

Hello Good morning Sir/Madam.

May I know how to swap Baby Doge(BEP20) to USDC(BEP20)? Please tell me procedure to do this.

Please advise.

Thank you.

@JennyMillan @Alan47 Please assist me on this. I would be grateful if you could tell me the procedure.Thank you.

Hello @KimberlyJill
You can use the Pancakeswap dApp in your Trust app to make the swap.
Just add the trading pair and make the swap.

Is this the only way? Only PancakeSwap? Could you please the cheapest way as there is transaction fee? Thank you.

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Transaction fee will still be charged as they are paid to miners

Is there a way to reduce the transaction fee? Please advise. Thank you.

You can use this as a guide
How to Change the ETH Gas Fee
Although i see no reason why you should adjust the fees since BEP20 swap fees are mostly below $2

Which one do I edit to reduce transaction fee Gas price, Gas limit,Nonce,Transaction data?? Please advise. Thank you.

The gas price.
Please be advised that the transaction might fail in some cases.