How to transfer funds back to the wallet

Please help. I made a transaction and the cancel it. They refund my money back to the trust wallet but I don’t see it. Does anyone know to do this.thanks


Can you show any transaction ID that shows the movement of the funds?


Hello, how to request a refund? I accidentally transfer a fund in incorrect address. Thank you

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No way to reverse it on our end. The receiver is the only one who can send it back. If you know who owns the other address, you can ask them.


Hi zach.

My brother account 268938 should be register under account no 235809 (my dad). But now he’s registering under unknown user eventhough we’ce confirm twice before registration.

Please do assist since it’s lots of money have been given. Please do something and my mother also has transfered some amount of money to my account (268982) how has been registered under my brother account.


I think you are referring to some kind of platform that gives account numbers.
We are not affiliated with them and not sure how it works.
Contact them for assistance.


Hi, How can I know the account of the person you transferred through the address? Is it on his way?

Anyone know how to add funds to wallet? I keep getting insufficient Smart Chain in wallet and Simplex isn’t letting me reload funds (I am trying to swap SafeMoon for BNB).

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