I bought Eth for over 6 hours transaction says completed and delivered but coin not showing in my wallet

I bought Eth on moonpay for over 6 hours ago and still it not on my wallet yet. Transaction says completed and delivered but the coin is not showing in my wallet. Please help :pray:

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Please reach out to the 3rd party crypto provider for immediate assistance.

Same thing with me but I bought bnb. I am still trying to figure out how to get it to appear

I’ve tried to transfer btc to coinbase and it’s been taking for ever to confirm.not 1 confirmation just says pending unconfirmed for about 6 hours now

Can you provide more information

  • Your app version
  • Your receiving wallet address
  • Screenshots of any error

Yes, sending it right away.

Can you kindly type out your ether address or if there is any transaction ID, do send that

I am having the same issue. I bought ETH hours ago and the transaction says delivered but when I go to check on the transaction it says it doesn’t exist. Here is the transaction number: 0xd430cab993541b3a9b6a7a7d9d0ff3f53718c2e90733ea66b67d53424cde8418

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Eth wallet: 0x626e96f8c11bDb9379CecF0535b2740CAa3c0745

Transaction IF: ece0ab4e-701b-4235-8312-aa13777540fc

Thank you for your time and help on this. I do really appreciate you for real.

Here is a copy of mine that doesn’t show either after hours

Can you try contacting the crypto provider again and get to know what the delay is?

Hello @TheCryptoBarnacle kindly contact the crypto provider to know why the deposit is being delayed.

I have been trying since morning and they keep referring me back to Trust wallet support.

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They keep replying with automated emails only. I’m kind of tired of this loop I got my self into.

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I did. They sent an auto message. Its impossible that the address is wrong. Its auto generated because I bought straight out of from trust wallet. So I’m stuck in a hot potato game between trust wallet and the purchase provider partners. Goodness. This is why I like Amazon. One stop shop and no hot potato.


Same thing with me it was working good lastnifht decided to buy more this morning at 6am and it is now 5 pm and still haven’t received bnb but it says it was approved and it’s been taken from my bank account

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Same here. Bought this morning and processed at 8am 4/16/21 still nothing been 9 hrs.


Happend to another girl I seen trying to buy SPE and she just got hers awalago

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I’ve sent all information trust wallet asks for, transaction id, address, and app version. Makes no sense to wait half a day and still have no idea as to what’s going on