I can’t find my bitcoin after updating my app

Pls I updated my trust wallet and I can’t find my bitcoin I entered my correct phrase, I think they assign a different bitcoin address without my bitcoin and no history I need help pls

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@Hhyas That’s not possible, ensure you have the correct set of words.


This my account ,
The wallet address is not the same but my etherium is available but I can’t find my bitcoin, my secret phrase is correct pls

I can’t upload the image of the version of trust wallet, pls I’m loosing my mind

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@Hhyas If you can see your Ethereum in the same wallet, it’s likely you were using a very old version of the Trust app which used a segwit address rather than the native segwit now.
Can you provide the receiving address.

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This the bitcoin address I saw after updating my app
Trust wallet version 10.4(846)

@Hhyas You would need to look for a wallet that supports a segwit address and then from there access your BTC then you can send out.

Pls can you give me example because I created a trust wallet can I my secret phrase on any wallet, pls help thanks

Pls which wallet support segwit address and how will I know, pls recommend

@Hhyas I can’t suggest any wallet, you’ll need to do your own research.

I can use my secret phrase on the segwit wallet.

On the app, I mean my trust wallet secret phrase

@Hhyas Yes you can

Can’t trust wallet help why are they not responding to my message , trust wallet want to make me kill myself it’s urgent pls

@Hhyas I already explained all to you, find a wallet that supports segwit and legacy BTC address and then import your seed phrase there.

I tried it didn’t not work , what can I do about it, how can I contact Trust wallet they are not responding to my email, can Trust wallet respond back

@Hhyas Open a support ticket here

i’m also encountering the same issue
in v8.9.1 , there is issue with the bitcoin.
shwing zero in the web as well as the phone
vivo 1916 v8.9.1

@Radha1 Please follow the guide: