I cannot see crypto in my trustwallet sent from Binance


I have transferred BNB to Trust Wallet, however I dont see the ballance on my account. Here are the details:

  1. Trust wallet version: 6.9 (697)
  2. The receiving address is 0x29cd6Ba9Ad197f374843A19464Bf1EAc46592849
  3. The transaction code is 0x449328b76827a7a9d27c4288fd64ed3fcb1cd755c57ffe42fc09ee2ab031209c

It’s been already 24hours and I haven’t seen the balance on my account. Hope you can resolve it. Thank you.

Where did you withdraw from?
Your transaction hash shows no history of any sent or received crypto

Hi Jenny,

I transferred it via INDODAX. It’s shown as successful transaction in the history yet I haven’t received it on my Trust wallet account.

Dear, Sir

Let me know the progress!!!
I didn’t do any action after successful transaction from Binance to trust wallet as I submitted already.
But, transferred BNB is not being shown up on my trust wallet account until now.
What is my fault? It’ clear this is system error.
So, you have to solve this problem.
What kind of additional information you need in order to solve this problem.

@wtkim72 you received your BNB and crosschain transferred to Smart Chain. Here’s transaction: Transaction Hash (TxHash): 515900361AFE74AFF424DB75BAA3F9F2117221B60B3F2742B214CF30BDAAAA57 | BNB Beacon Chain to your Smart Chain address:

Then, you transferred them to another address; https://bscscan.com/tx/0xb10f0306340e13bf849661c7550709f6d6a51377da505d98f370e2c8b0cb7382

Dear Sir,

As I repeated again, I have never transfer BNB to another address after receiving BNB from Binance.
That’s why I am asking you to check.
If then BNB were transffered to another address, how can I withdraw to my trust wallet.
I confirm you that I have never transafer BNB from trust wallet, it was disappeared in spite of myself.
Let me know the way in order to withdraw from the address below sent.
I don’t know where this address is.


@wtkim72 Here are the possible reasons:

  1. You shared your 12 words (via phishing, social engineering, etc.);

  2. You saved your 12 words in a very bad place;

  3. Your device is corrupted with malware;

  4. Someone had physical access to your device;

  5. You entered your recovery phrase on a fake/clone app.

  6. You transacted with a malicious DApp.

Unfortunately, confirmed transactions at blockchain are irreversible.

Please read and understand this:


Learn more about how to protect your cryptos and new wallet:

I understand you are not helpful for me anymore.
I didn’t share 12 words with anyone!!!

Dear. Sir.

Somebody from trust wallet sent me this kind of email, who said he can take an action to solve my problem.
Is it right?

< quote >
The security is to ensure only you can perform a transaction on your wallet.

To proceed further, I will need to access your wallet statement of transactions on the database and for this, your 12 mnemonic phrase is required to identify your wallet.

You’ll need to be online to confirm when this issue have been rectified.

Do I need to provide my phrase password to your agent Benjamin to be able to help me solve my issue to retrieved the lost transactions

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@wtkim72 @Arlene2020 no real support will ask for 12 words recovery phrase. We will never do that. Beware of scammers.

OMG it’s the same person asking my back up recovery phrase and same exact email contents , what an as—-le , jeezz beware giving your personal email here scammer on the look , they will email you personally after the got ask your email in this trends , then once they got your email that you post here , they ask for your backup phrase they will even give you example Alan47trustatgmaildotcom to look like he knows alan47 to confirm that he is representative of truustwallet with another email same as Alan47 name in the beginning the first name similar any admin names listed in this web (About) section of this help desk but totally syndicate , ice they get your recovery phrase back up , they can get all your transactions and able to recover your lost account to transfer to their own account .

I’ve had my coins sitting in my wallet for weeks no problem now they keep vanishing and reappearing… can I get some assistance? Lol

And how now we can get another recovery phrase that only between me and trustwallet process new recovery phrase if possible so I can safely close my account without scammer able to get all my coins when I do transactions ?

Now Alan47 how can I close my trustwallet without scammer taking my money during transfer mode or since they know my recovery phrase that you probably right that is exactly what happened as you shown above , I need to know how is it now I can sell and transfer to another safer wallet since everytime I will do transactions they change the address and they go to their personal stocks address

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Hello @Arlene2020
Learn more about how to protect your cryptos and new wallet:

Hello what issues do you encounter I faced same issues some time in the past as well

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