I cant unstake my cosmos

I’ve already updated the apo but i cant unstake my cosmos its been 21 days already since ive staken it… please help me im a newbie…

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There will be a fee in order to submit a transaction.
I have sent 0.001 ATOM to get you started with the unstaking.
This will take 21 days to complete.
Learn more about unstaking here:

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Hello I have been reading the discussion and I as well have not left any atom to claim rewards or unstake. I staked 100% without realizing I needed to leave a little. Can you please assist me in claiming and unstaking these?


Your assistance is appreciated.

Hello @Chin808,

Sent a small amount of ATOM: Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION

You can now claim your rewards and/or unstake.

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I have several thousand dollars of cosmos that is fully staked. I have unstaked some before but now I am unable to unstake any. I have over 900 cosmos that I want to unstake. I get a message that I have insufficient balance. Did I get ripped off?

Hi @trusty60,

You did not get rip off. You need to leave at least 0.001000 ATOM in your wallet that are not staked so you can pay for the Cosmos network fees.

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