I didn't receive my bnb

I transferred my bnb over from coinspot to trust wallet yesterday and its not showing up can some one please tell me what is happening?!

I’ve already put money in bnb but y’all are having issues verifying my identity. The Address on my ID is not current. Am I able to get that money back??

The same here! I swapped my BNB to BNB smart chain but then it disappeared and nothing since…

I made withdrawal from Binance BEP2 few hours ago to my trust wallet. I got confirmation from Binance saying transaction was successful but nothing is reflected in my wallet. My BNB in trust wallet is still zero. Please help

Add myself to this. Fees were taken out. I’ll wait for it to return to my account

I sent BNB to my Roqqu wallet but I failed to include my memo, pls how can I get my BNB back, it’s up to 1 bnb

Hello youngkay944. Have you managed to resolve your issue? I’ve had the same issue, sent 1.27 BNB to my Binance account from my TrustWallet and I put incorrect MEMO in so money hasn’t showed up in my Binance account.
Let me know if you’ve managed to recover your BNB? And if so, how? Thanks

I have tried trust wallet support, I hope it will be helpful… Just tell me when you resolved yours

This is a joke I sent BnB from my external wallet many hours ago and it has not arrived
Is trust wallet something not to trust anymore
Where are my funds?
This is my second reply now

Hello Trust,

I transferred BNB (0.108) from my binance account to my trust wallet account yesterday (almost 24hrs now) and I’m yet to receive my bnb on trust wallet. What’s going on? Kindly help resolve asap. Thanks

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More than 24 hours for me now after buying BNB on Moonpay, is confirmed on chain just not showing in wallet. Something seriously dodgy going on

Hi Mikhailkola,
It’s been 24hours since I haven’t received my BNB in my trust wallet and I have emailed and texted all the documents to investigate I never got any reply. please help me with this

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Hi gays,

I have done the same, transfer BNB from trust wallet to binance with no memo, but also I have use the same address the one I have send BNB from binance to trust wallet, transaction show me is successful but no coins on binance, I have contact them but looks like they don’t bother, ask me to contact the trust wallet but Monday reply from them, oven I send them email last nights and they point me to write here, be careful on those transactions with the trust wallet, they add memo yesterday, when I transfer coins from BNB to trust wallet there was no memo required, I have 1.5 BnB coins so who knows how we can get them back

I havent received my purchased BNB via moonpay. It was processed and its still not reflected in my trust wallet. Its been more than 1 hour. Please do something about this.


Hi All, I’m having the same issue. I sent bnb from Binance to trust wallet. It’s over 7 hrs haven’t received yet!
How can I get help?

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ive bought bnb from simplex over 24hrs ago, no reply to multiple tickets I’ve sent. hoping trust wallet can help me out. just sent them a email. got no email or anything yet only my money being taken out of my account

Trust wallet have done me over on XRP and ETH haven’t received anything total scam !!!

Same here

Hello, newbie here. I did a dex swap eth to bnb and nothing happened. I was also charged for trab
Nsaction fee. Can someone enlighten me why swap did not went through? Can I also get back the deducted fee?

To anyone experiencing this issue:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app.
  • Use WiFi with a strong internet connection instead of mobile data for the app to display the correct balance. If it won’t work, use WiFi + VPN as well.
  • Check your wallet address on https://explorer.binance.org/ (for BNB Binance Chain) or http://bscan.com/ (for Smart Chain BNB). If it’s already there then it already arrived in your wallet. If not, contact the customer support of the exchange regarding withdrawal issues.
  • You may want to try in reinstalling the app. Make sure you have a backup before you proceed.
    How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet
    Uninstall and then reinstall your app. Follow this guide to restore your wallet.
    How to Restore a Multi-Coin Wallet

For MoonPay, Simplex, and etc. purchases, they are taking time in distributing the bought cryptos due to the increased demand. It is best to contact them directly. Ticket links can be checked here:

For Binance Chain to Binance Smart Chain cross-chain swaps, read here: Swap from BNB to BNB smartchain, but value is missing - #203 by iamdeadlyz

I’ll lock this thread so users who encountered the same issue can check this answer immediately.

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