I donot receive my currency

Hello . good day I need your help, dear manager of Trust walet. Because the destination of my currency is Trust wallet.
On December 1, I transferred 61.7 mana currency via KCC (I had to transfer via Erc20) to my Walt Trust wallet, which you manage. It was successful on the kucoin Exchange, but I did not receive it in my Trust walet wallet which was the final destination and it is not visible. I called kucoin and they said I should follow the destination which is the Trust walet wallet. Please solve my problem … Thank you

Hello @mkiamoradi Trust wallet currently doesn’t supports KCC blockchain

You have to extract your MANA private keys using this guide: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

Select ETH in the coin part. Scroll down to the list of derived addresses and get the private key in the first row.

After getting the private key, Import to wallet that supports KCC blockchain eg. Metamask.

[in case you use Metamask] Set the custom blockchain as shown on this guide: How to add Kucoin Community Chain to MetaMask - Yada Wallets