I hope trust wallet is not impacted by the recent Solana wallets drains?

I want to know from the management if the recent drains on Solana wallets does not impact trust wallet regarding the incorporated Solana blockchain?

Hello @Bishoppope,

The talks you’ve seen about a Trust Wallet user whose Solana assets got drained actually imported their seed phrase to a different wallet. The Trust Wallet dev team investigated this incident and confirmed this trusted report.

For peace of mind, you can transfer your assets to a cold wallet or CEX like Binance, as mentioned by Eowyn, Trust Wallet’s CEO.

That being said, please be careful and do not click suspicious links nor install sketchy applications (never give your seed phrase/private key to anyone else!). Learn more about how to protect your wallet:

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Ok, thanks for the timely response. At least, one now has a better understanding of what happened with some sense of relief sort of.

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