I lost all coins after the backup what can I do to recover it back

I have reset my phone, then back up it, after that i open my wallet but all my Tokens is messing, there is nothing to show, Can Any body help me with that.

Make sure you selected ‘I already have a wallet’ and input your phrase that you backed up when you first made your wallet. if you selected ‘create a new wallet’ then you will have been given a different phrase and new addresses

Yes I actually click on I have wallet then after that I input my phrase, I can still see my bnb and bitcoin Balance but other shitcoins like safemoon, safemars,elongate I can’t see it again what can I do for me to see all this token again

Have you enabled them as token trackers in your list of viewable tokens within the app

@Mtune - Try enabling those tokens in Trust Wallet. For SAFEMOON, you can manually add the token by using its contract address: 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3 - obtained from https:// coinmarketcap . com/currencies/safemoon/

Have not done that, I don’t know how to go about it but before I lost the asset the coins is still showing until I rebackup again

@TrustWalletApp… i reinstalled my trust wallet yesterday and all my coins are missing 328,000 coins …I’m heart broken please I need a fast response I need help!! That’s my whole savings hmm I’m heart broken

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Same Problem Here i Reinstall the Trust Wallet with importing Correct Phrases but it only show btc and …
i don’t know what coins i had i went to bsc scan only find coins on bsc but i have ftm and other blockchain coins how can i recover them? i don’t remember their name

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Hello @Farhangtunes
Please read this: